Thursday, August 13, 2009


Last Fall, I learned of the terrible news of Stephanie and Christian Nielson's plane crash that killed the pilot, Doug Kinneard, and left them in critical condition. The story of their life together and their four beautiful children was enough to reduce me to a puddle of tears. It also inspired me to remember just how lucky I am, how lucky we all are, and never to get caught up in the trivial minutiae of our brief lives.

Over the past six months (or so), my life has experienced its own series of bumps, crashes and head-on collisions. It's been more than challenging to remain focused and to stay the course. Trying to live in the most honest and truthful of ways. As we all know, it's never easy. But the part that is easy, I'm finding, is the part where you love. Unconditionally.

Thanks to Nie's sister, Courtney, and her devoted and inspiring blog I have been able to be reminded on a continual basis of what is important, what is worth the fight and what is worth letting go.


  1. that's such a coincidence. i have been spending time over at her blog lately, as well.

    you got it right, girl. stay focused on what you know to be true.

  2. This was beyond touching. I got goosebumps watching this video. Thanks so much for sharing :)