Monday, June 29, 2009


All I can say about this, is that I've always loved Edith Piaf and I've become such a fan-extraordinaire of Martha Wainwright that when I happened upon this performance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, I just about passed out from sheer bliss.

(And her shoes! Can we just talk about the shoes for a sec?! Oy.)


  1. OMG I saw that when it was on and I cried. And not just 'cuz I'm pregnant. Amazing.

  2. Do you know about the CD and DVD she has recorded of the Piaf songs? They were filmed in front of a live audience in MYC two weeks ago.
    She had an 8 piece band of supurb musicians, and her mother kate McGarrigle sang back up vocals.
    It will be an incredible dvd. Due for release in the fall.
    check this out:

  3. Joan, thank you EVER so for the info and link! I desperately want copies of any versions of her singing Edith so merci, merci, MERCI! :) Now I can give YouTube a rest....