Friday, May 15, 2009

Sheep Go To Heaven

My entire life, I have had a hard time spotting a wolf in sheep's clothing.

I am only able to see the potential in someone and not the reality of who and what someone truly is. That is why the results of this test came as absolutely no surprise to me.

"You are something of a drifter: honest with yourself in some situations, blind to reality in others. You may be taken in by manipulative, dishonest, or damaged people. Pay attention whenever this happens. Notice the circumstances and people that end up disappointing you, and steer clear of anything that feels similar."

Obviously I need my trust-o-meter recalibrated but the most disturbing part of this exercise was reading the Scientific Method. This statement rattled my cage more than anything.

"It's not the end of the world if Person X lies to you. Lying to yourself, on the other hand, can make your life so miserable, the end of the world might be a relief."

But, in reading "Learning to Trust Everyone and Everything", I realized I am on the right path. In training myself to accept everyone and everything which means trusting that if they have supported me they will continue to support me and if they've continually let me down they will continue to let me down, I am essentially letting go.

I'm starting to detect a theme.


  1. That does sound as if it hit the target. I think I'll take the test.

  2. ah, the wolf in sheep's clothing. i've met a few in my life.

  3. Sounds pretty much recognisable