Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Shiny and Strong

Go ahead and build your castle
Way up so high
That you have to cut yourself
A big hole in the sky
Make it all golden
And shiny and strong
Make it so it'll last forever
And won't ever do you wrong

And it'll make a sweet sound all around
It'll make a sweet sound when it all comes down

You know you'll never be the same
You know it's easy to lay the blame
At the altar of the temple
Of the excuses you've made
Until your smiles as thin as a razor blade

And if you want to know the reason
Why I don't mind
You'll have to come back some other time
All your explanations are made of sand
When you try to reach for the truth
It just slips through your hands

Tend to your garden growing there in the sun
Work your whole life away not having any fun
Cause all the plans you make'll just take you away
From the only time that you've been given today

Construct all your defenses the best way that you can
Until you've got steel skin like superman
Until the wall's so high you can see right through
Until the wall's so wide that love can't get to you

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