Monday, May 25, 2009

In Your Pocket

Tap, tap, tap
Are you there
Entertain me.

Buzz, buzz, buzz
Come find me
Distract me.

You answered the phone
Took my message
Stole my heart.

Kissed me softly
Hugged me tight
Danced on my toes as my feet
Planted themselves
Firmly on the ground.

Raised me up
Tore me down
Left me with a mess we both made
A dream indomitably tucked away
In your pocket.

Now I wake
The whisper of good morning
In my ear
With the scent of lemons
On my breath.

Now I fall asleep
A movie of movement
Stuck on replay
The sound of trains
Echoing tribulation.

Tap, tap, tap
Compel me
Buzz, buzz, buzz
Beguile me


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