Thursday, April 23, 2009

Use Your Words

It was a rare moment that I had with my eldest daughter last night. After a long day of playing in the sun, her younger sister had passed out while watching cartoons. I was sitting at the kitchen table, looking out the window thinking of people and places far away and listening to an album that plays like a custom-made soundtrack to my emotional life for the past few months. She quietly slipped into the chair across the table from me and asked me what was for dinner.

After putting her plate in front of her and sitting back down in my own seat, I watched her eat and sway to the music. I've always reveled in how passionate she is about music....a trait of mine I love to witness in her.

"Mommy...are bands in our world or the make-believe world?" I told her they were most assuredly in our world. She continued to sway, this time with her eyes softly swinging back and forth.

"Can we go see a real band in our world?" I whole-heartedly vowed that we would.

More swaying with her eyes closed.

"I just love how he says his words." I sat stunned. I loved how he said his words too. I asked her what she meant, silently hoping she would utter the words I was thinking in my heart of hearts.

"I just love how he says his words exactly how I feel them."

We swayed together. Hair softly swinging back and forth.


  1. Lucky her that with an awesome mom like you, her first real band experience won't be the Wiggles!