Wednesday, April 15, 2009


"Give it thought. Consider every angle. And then speak your mind.

You've not been drawn into anyone's life just to listen.

Loud and proud,
The Universe"

My dear friend Deb was contemplating this very concept recently. As is typical for me, when commenting on her cogitation, I responded with my first reaction.

My gut reaction.

I have learned over time that even though I try to count to ten (and sometimes count to ten again and again) that when I revisit an experience I can always, always say with confidence that I should have gone with my first reaction.

My gut reaction.

And, it appears, The Universe agrees with me.

Yes, loud and proud indeed.

1 comment:

  1. It's a sign!!!!!!! simple, but powerful words. and i think the universe is right. what i now need to work on is how to speak my mind and do so in a clear, concise way. i want my words to mean what i mean and not get diluted by the emotion that always seems to accompany my words.

    thank you, nannette. thank you, universe!