Sunday, April 19, 2009


Because I am a huge fan of "Grey Gardens" I was thrilled at the prospect of watching the new HBO film but also feared it would turn out to be a butchered version of the incredibly haunting and bewildering original documentary.

Boy, was I ever wrong.

A longtime fan of Drew Barrymore, I was excited to watch her in this but never, ever expected to be so moved by her performance. Her obvious dedication to this role was mind-blowing. Jessica Lange gives an ardent performance as well, balancing accuracy and homage in every line.

I dare you to not find these two clips astonishingly similar. Ms. Barrymore should be nothing short of proud and I would wager to believe her ancestors are looking down on her with great pride as she carries out the familial gift of acting.

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  1. I just watched it and totally agree. I was amazed at their performances, and it was interesting to get some "background" scenes that obviously the documentary could not supply.