Thursday, March 26, 2009


With Mother Nature taunting us with her feminine wiles....warm weather, blossoms bursting out of their little cocoons, feet welcoming their long lost flip seems only natural to spend every possible moment at the park.

And, unfortunately, this freak had the same glorious idea.

(please note the totally freaked out moms watching him swing. It was either at this point or when he was talking to himself that we all reached for our cell phones to call 911...)

Then he decided to bask in the rays of the sun in his genius "hammock". Obviously, at this point, all parents and children had abandoned ship except for the poor, terrified little bubby in the swing next to him.

I predict years of therapy.


  1. He totally wanted the moms outta there so he could get his hammock on. Genius.

  2. hahaha. i love that first pic. total freakin' exuberance! the man is upside DOWN!

  3. hopefully it was just a bad case of spring fever!