Tuesday, March 17, 2009


There was a time, many moons ago, that I thought this would be the luckiest day of my life. A day of my very own. A day to celebrate. And then, as quickly as it began, it ended.

Over the years, I acquiesced to the belief that this was the unluckiest day of the year for me. Boyfriends showed their ugly side (green beer didn't help), people pinched me for not wearing green, friends chimed in with shenanigans while I aimed for a record-breaking hangover, dreams were dreamt and shattered again.

But now, nearly half a lifetime later, I realize the power of the phrase "thoughts become things". I can now see that I created my own reality. Created my own luck. And I can feel my luck is changing.


  1. Yes, thoughts become things and my thoughts have turned to tears (again). I love you...

  2. I thought you might also benefit from what the universe had to tell me today (if you haven't received the same message):

    One should never underestimate the profound resiliency of the human spirit, nor how swiftly things can change for the better - often overnight.

    Swoosh -
    The Universe

    Happy St. Patty's Day. And yeah, life really is what you make of it. So might as well aim for something awesome :)

  3. You make me feel lucky every day. SO lucky to know you.


  4. What a perfect statement on the wonder of being a child, and the rewards of being a real adult!