Thursday, March 5, 2009


Thanks to a tax refund this year, I've been fortunate enough to upgrade my camera. After eagerly anticipating the arrival of my new baby, I am enjoying figuring out how this contraption works and realizing I'm even more of a novice than I originally thought.

I give you, the inaugural photo:

I contemplated for quite awhile (the time it took from ordering to receiving said camera) what the first picture would be....the classic self-portrait in the mirror? Blatant picture of the camera itself? Artsy-fartsy still life picture?

But, no, it seemed only fitting the my first practice picture captured the essence of my life. The two things that make me strive to be a better person, to be happy, to live in the truth.

A very good friend put it perfectly:
"a new camera for a job well done- being. Symbolic in the biggest of ways, a reminder for you to look through a lens and find a new perspective. A calling to document your life. A celebration of beauty caught in single shots; triumph and heartbreak and the motivation to capture it all, because it is worthy."


  1. beautiful!!!! now get to work so i can have more stuff hanging on my walls!

  2. Beautiful was the word that came to my mind. More please.

  3. You picked the perfect subject for your first picture, methinks. :) They are GORGEOUS!

  4. Very nicely done!!! Can't wait to see what's in store for the photographer in you. ;)

  5. Sweeties. What kind of camera did you indulge in?