Wednesday, February 4, 2009


So far, this week has held too many instances of bad news. And it's only Wednesday.

I was heartbroken when I read the story of little Tuesday. Devastating. It goes without saying that I couldn't wrap my head around how her family could reach out to the world and share their love, loss and grief. But I admired it. It touched me. Deeply.

As mentioned recently, I've been overly addicted to Facebook but really enjoying getting back in touch with people. When searching for long lost friends, it never really dawned on me that maybe they were gone. Gone from this world we live in day to day. But when I was contacted by an old friend from an intentionally forgotten lifetime ago, I learned of her husband's passing. We were girlfriends of co-worker boyfriends at the time. We were young. Playmates in a decadent world. Invincible. I read the pouring out of her broken heart in her blog posts after his death. Devastating. Her faith in the Universe, in the guarantee of being together after this life stirred me. Profoundly.

And then I saw the story of Amy Janae. Facing her struggles with laughter, humility, beauty, strength, gratitude. It inspired me. Completely.

I know we all have our challenges, our battles, our struggles. This is part of life. But after reading these stories and realizing that, yes, this happens every moment of every day the difference I can make in the world is to take action. Personally.

In an effort to help in whatever way I can, fifty percent of all purchases made at my Etsy shop will be donated to Amy Janae as my Valentine's Day gift to her and to everyone we've loved and continue to love.

Or, better yet, please go make a donation today.

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