Monday, January 26, 2009


We (along with many other neighboring areas) have been suffering through an inversion. These are not uncommon for Boise and, unfortunately, seem to strike right after the holidays...the worst time for drab and dreary clouds day after day, if you ask me.

Yesterday afternoon, the sun finally peeked it's glorious head out of the clouds and we had bright, breathtaking sunshine until the sun sadly set that evening. I pushed the girls outside in their layers and told them "go outside and get some fresh air and sunshine!"

This morning, after waking up late and having to rush around getting the FiveYearOld ready for Kindergarten, I opened the curtains only to find an actual sunrise happening. Another modern day miracle!

I started belting out "Here comes the sun...doo doo doo doo" and the
FiveYearOld stopped me abruptly. "Mommy! What is that song?!" I told her I'd find it on the iPod and play it for her. She abandoned her cereal and blueberries (latest obsession), plopped herself down in front of the speakers and started swaying to the music.

"This is good. Really, really good." I told her I was glad she liked it. "No, really. These people need to make more songs like this."


  1. LOL...

    What a dreary day that picture paints...we are having one here today, too...

    And harbor freight? I knew I loved you for a reason. When I see chicks at harbor freight, I think...