Monday, December 1, 2008

You must be dead because I don't feel anything.

One of the best aspects of being an older mom (trust me when I use the term "older" - every person I ran across during my first pregnancy reminded me what an "old mother" I thirty-four, people, thirty-freakin-four!) is that you not only get to experience the wonderment of your child's "discovery" of all things new but you also get to relive a lot of your happy childhood memories.

This weekend turned out to be a moviefest of sorts. It was one of those perfectly magical alignment of the stars weekends where your children stay in the other room watching countless kid movies allowing you and your spouse (that never have time alone together aside from the sleeping-in-the-bed thing) to watch back to back movies you've been meaning to watch for the past five or so years. 

I swear, it was almost better than a vacation, people.

On Sunday, while daddy was at school working on his paper for finals, I was able to watch one of my all-time favorite childhood movies with my girls. (Sure, I was technically fourteen but at forty that qualifies as my childhood.) As I've done every single time I've watched this movie, I sobbed like a baby during this scene:

When my oldest realized that E.T. was actually alive, she turned to say something to me and caught me blubbering like a fool. Her face went blank and then she said, with a slight tone of disgust, "'s just a movie!"

Yes, indeed, it's just a movie but whoa-nellie is it a good one.


  1. maybe its magic is lost on the younger generation. mine don't get it, either.

  2. I can't believe anyone calls 34 an "older" mom. Is this the 50s?

  3. I guess if 34 is "old", then I'll call myself a middle-aged mom. What I realized was that I had to learn HOW to re-connect with the part of me that liked cartoons. I was NOT excited about learning the new cartoons of today, but have been pleasantly surprised by some, and their innocence. We've also encouraged the old school stuff like T&J....Popeye....good work on the crying. LOL My boys have no idea what to do when they see me crying over a movie.

  4. Jay @halftime lessonsDecember 1, 2008 at 8:06 PM

    ET Heal yourself, Dammit!!!



  5. So Ms. S was once showing me her ultrasound pics and we were laughing about how it said "advanced maternal age" at the top (what was she, 34, 35?). Later, I was talking with my old college roommate who told me, "Yep, I turned 41 and then turned up pregnant". I told her about "advanced maternal age" and she said, "That's nothing! Mine says 'geriatric mother'"! Soon the medical establishment will clue in and change the terms, I'm sure. Until then, 40 is the new ... um ... 30? I forget what it is this week. The new black? Whatever. It works for me. Or did. I'm 41 now. I hope I don't turn up pregnant.