Monday, December 22, 2008

Do Over

Today sucked. Not one major thing but just a bunch of little things that equaled one craptacular day.

It isn't unusual for me to reach this point in the year and want to chuck it all....the so-called friends (and you know who you are), the snarky people, the consumerism gone wild, the pressure to be's more than one human can take at times.

The recent trend has been for me, near the end of the year, to issue my edict that I will no longer take the b.s. I will no longer waste my time on self-serving people, I will hit the road as soon as I see that first hint of obligatory "friendship" kicking in, I will be more selective of who I spend my precious time on, I will not succumb to family dysfunction and I won't buy into the collective belief that I'm not worthy of their consideration and respect. And then, twelve months later, here I am again. Disgusted. Frustrated. Tired. Spent.

And then something like this happens.

And I realize that there are good people out there. There just might be hope for us all.


  1. Marcy - The Glamorous Life!December 22, 2008 at 8:08 PM

    With nearly every post- it is confirmed we are soul-mates.

    Actually last year I vowed to be more selective with who I call a friend and spend time with. Which has just resulted in a hell of a lot more ALONE time. So I might have to restructure that resolution.

    But I hear you 100%. Actually 100 FRICKIN Percent.

    (can you add name/url option to your comments PAH-LEEZ?) :)

  2. Unfortunately, I don't design's site and settings so I can't personalize it to your liking. Sorry!

  3. I have spent the last six years paring back and restructuring my life to get rid of the idiots in my life. Like Marcy, I had a lot of alone time, and I did go back to choosing time with people even if they were the idiots I was trying to avoid. I finally just said enough and you know what? Good people start to take their place... eventually.

    Thanks for sharing that video. Brought tears to my eyes and warmed my heart.