Tuesday, November 25, 2008


We have made the executive decision to cancel our cable service. This is a decision based on many factors....hours wasted watching shows (thanks to a fave Twitterer, I now know I can watch everything here), ridiculous amount of money wasted to watch said shows, valuable family time wasted watching said shows, gross mismanagement of time....you get the idea.

There is a slight sense of panic knowing there will be no t.v. in our lives very soon and, as a result, we are getting our fill of favorite shows before the plug is pulled. It's ridiculous, I know. When I lived in the magical city of San Francisco, I had no t.v. and I'm positive that contributed to the many, many invaluable things I learned while living there. Still, being the total pop culture junkie that I am, it's a bit scary giving up the DVR (even though I know it's for the best). As we near the cutoff date, I watch my favorite DVR'ed shows repeatedly. There are two, in particular, that I never tire of but thanks to the omnipresent YouTube I am in the clear.

It's no secret that I am a big fan of Mad Men (me and half of the world, it seems). My borderline obsession began this past season because my fab niece was the hottest secretary in the steno pool (take that, Mr. Weiner) for the first eight episodes. What started as an effort to spot her in any and every possible scene turned into a near fixation on what would happen next to Don, Betty, Joan, Roger, Pete and the rest of this intriguing and sometimes tragic group of characters. From the very beginning, I was mesmerized by Peggy. Sure, I wanted to be Joan (who doesn't want to be Joan?) but there was something so terrifying about Peggy. I felt for her. I really wanted things to work out for her. I always thought I knew what was going on just below the surface of this quiet, unassuming, subservient girl and then this happened.

Even if you didn't watch the entire season, you cannot dispute the power of this scene. The dialogue. The delivery. The acting. It is devastating.

The Sundance Channel is definitely at the top of the list of things I will miss once the DVR box is shelved. The series featured on Sundance are, in a word, riveting. I eagerly anticipate new episodes of Iconoclasts and was looking forward to this starting in December. But the series I set the "record all episodes" option without fail for is Live at Abbey Road. The premise of live, unplugged sessions at this famed studio is fascinating in its own right but what impresses me on a consistent basis are the combinations of genres and bands. Thanks to the groundbreaking combos featured on this show, I have been exposed to bands and musicians that never would have made it onto my radar.

I have been a dedicated fan of Del Amitri for many years. They were always one of those bands that seemed to provide a timely soundtrack to my life. Not only were their talents numerous but their lyrics brilliant. After mysteriously fading away years ago, Del Amitri became a thing of the past (or so I thought). Imagine my surprise to find Mr. Currie doing what he does best on Live at Abbey Road. As previously mentioned, there are two DVR'ed shows that are on heavy rotation until the plug is pulled. This one, I'm almost embarrassed to admit, I watch on a near daily basis.

In the spirit of change and paring down in this mercurial economy, the cable will go. But, thankfully, the talent will not.


  1. you'll be a much better, more highly evolved family without it, i assure you. just do NOT give up the computer, whatever you do. i would miss you too much.

  2. That is very admirable. And probably more doable than it seems. But like Deb said, please don't leave the computer!!

  3. The best part is when people com over and ask, "What do you do without a TV?"

    And you say, "We talk to each other."

    Great post!

  4. Good for you! I personally don't watch TV but, my kids do. What about your kids? Are you going to have DVDs and such? I think we could live on DVDs.

  5. But....what will you do about sports???? I couldn't do it...I'd say you're better than me (and you might very well be for lots of other reasons) but not for this...I don't think tv rots your mind as long as you have good life/tv balance. LOL Seriously...no basketball? Football?