Thursday, October 23, 2008


There's really nothing about my 20's or 30's that I miss. That I would trade the life I have now for. But I do miss going to live shows. I don't think I'll ever get over that. And, I believe strongly, one day I'll go with my girls to see shows. Not only to monitor them but to just go. Because music is something I'll never grow out of. Ever.

I was fortunate enough to not only witness but be friends with a lot of the bands and musicians that I went to see on a regular basis.  That's probably what I miss the most....that connection with people that had that same understanding.  That same need for music. 

The Dusty 45s were on heavy rotation in the soundtrack of my single-girl days.  Billy Joe Huels not only inspired the crowd but had the grace to make each and every one of us feel like we were his favorite person that showed up that night.

That, and he lit shit up when he played. 

That always impresses.


  1. oh yeah, you'll go alright. and you'll be pushing them out of the way to get a better view and possibly catch the guitar pick being thrown your way. trust me...

    ac/dc is up next for us! nov 15, baby!

  2. well now that sucks. i accidentally hit enter twice and got my stupid post posted twice, so i thought i would delete the one since you already have an exact copy above. but it keeps me listed as having posted another comment, which is weird and makes me look like i have some sort of secret to hide. so NOW i have to post yet ANOTHER comment to explain the deleted one, bringing my grand total for the day to 3.


  3. This post made me feel like I was reading my cousin's blog...only about 15 years in the future. She is in her mid 20s and I know she loves going to shows, loves bands....made me smile. :) I don't have the same affliction, not for bands or live music. I do, however, love singing (horribly) and dancing (not quite as horribly) to music. So therefore I DO love music....just not the same way. :) I hope you get to go to concerts sooner rather than later!

  4. oh man.. that was a blast from the past. I SO miss going to shows!!! I do go occassionally- but it's not quite the same because it's not always with the hubster..

    and yes Biily made us all feel like favorites... and fire is ALWAYS cool!!