Friday, September 5, 2008

Oh, it's ON.

When I hear the call of a challenge I rise to the occasion. Not to be outdone by my Leo sister, Nik, here is my post TODAY for Funky Photo Friday.

I couldn't narrow it down to just one funky photo because, once you take a gander at these, you'll see why it was impossible to choose just one. This was just after my oldest daughter was born. My bestest Seattle goils came for a visit and there were no watered-down versions of ourselves going on just because some baby had arrived. Oh no. We were imbibing in a fine establishment (and by "fine" I mean The Best shithole in all of Boise, I dare say) called the Navajo Room which features the best redneck, white trash karaoke I have ever had the pleasure of enjoying.

This is my goil, Shannon. 

As you can see, we lub each other immensely. (even more so after a bucketful of vodka/sodas)

And here we are gettin down with our bad selves.

Proof that I was young and fun not too long ago. 

So, there it Funky Friday Photo submission(s). As always, Miz Cantwell, it was a distinct pleasure!  :)

(p.s. I would like to add that the lovely necklace I am sportin' in these pics is from my friend Ann when she was just getting her business up and running. Thank you, Ann, and I'm still sportin' it!)


  1. You are *such* a badass. I'm so glad you played along!

  2. A few notes on these photos:
    a) you are both beautiful
    b) you look like you have a "Coors" halo in the first picture
    c) please describe (can be fictional) man behind you in last shot

  3. That's my first boyfriend. Ever. Uncanny that we ran into him there?

    (okay, he's NOT my first boyfriend ever. My first boyfriend ever was an adorable little brown-haired French boy. Unfortunately, he barfed one day in Kindergarten and that was the end of our love affair.)

  4. bahaha! that last photo is just so classic nannette after a few too many. i have ink cartridges ordered so i can get my scanner back up and running and when i do, i will be sharing it on the next funky photo friday. ;-)

    man...i really kinda miss those party days now that i'm a total household drudge. don't miss the mornings after, though!

  5. "it" being my own photo(s) of you making that face. it's been a long day....