Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Mad Love

I know, I know.....she's at it again. All that braggadocio and whatnot over Miz Thang in Mad Men. Honestly, I owe her everything as I had nearly put the final nail in the I'm-a-big-fan-of-Mad-Men coffin last season after being thoroughly disgusted by Don Draper and the in-your-face approach to the sixties. But, thankfully, in all her brilliance she was cast and the rest is history. Now I can't wait to tune in every week and catch a glimpse of her in the steno pool....

Good news is....I'm not the only fan. This latest post could not be more accurate or well-written.

Is it Sunday yet?


  1. Gah! I never get tired of these posts. (OR T&L's! Thanks for introducing me to their glory...)

  2. P.S. This Sunday's epi is my last... *tear!*