Monday, September 15, 2008

Fun with Food

Food and learning about food and eating in a healthy manner and learning and reading and all that goes with it are BIG topics of discussion in our household at the moment.  Thanks to a wonderful pairing of two brilliant artists  we are able to address all topics in one sitting (without anyone dozing off).

The attention to detail is astonishing.

It's hard for us to pick a favorite.

Although it's a close race between the fish...

And the hippos.

This one perplexes the girls....what is he screaming about?

No matter what you choose as your favorite (right now, Gus and Button is the book of choice at our house) I highly recommend reading them all.  

Then repeat. 

A lot.


  1. Thanks for the tip.
    "what is he screaming about?" would be the question my daughter would ask. it would distract her to no end. Sounds like your lot is the same.
    The last one is my favorite.

  2. We have one of those books! the srtistry of the fruits and veggies are incredible. Now that I'm vegetarian, I could argue that those were being exploited and such, but they sure look tasty as well!