Saturday, August 23, 2008

Day Late and a Dollar Short

As I quickly checked all my fave blogs this morning before running out for the next marathon of errand-running I was inspired by Nik and her Funky Photo Friday post.  While my submission is not that funky (nor is it being submitted on Friday!), I can say with total confidence that the show we were attending at the time this was taken was.

This was taken in 2001 not long after we met and not long before we got hitched in Vegas. Our friends, the Derailers, were playing and we were obviously enjoying the moment (and oblivious to having our picture taken).

Here we are obviously enjoying the moment, still, but fully aware and in ham-mode.

(Thanks Nik!  This was fun!)


  1. Meeee-yow yourself! I love you a little more each blog post.

    (Don't worry about the day late thing- I gotcha. But the dollar short? Can't help you there, I'm broke!)

  2. You look gorgeous! Love the bangs.

  3. Aaah! I've always been a fan of the bottom one, but I've never seen the first-- I LOVE it!!

  4. Bettie Page on a date with Justin Theroux!

  5. You got hitched in Vegas?! I WILL do that one day.

  6. Not sure how Jay knew that I could be in your "group", but he did....LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THE DERAILERS!!!