Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Save the Stiletto, Kill a Clod Hopper

If you've been here before, you have heard me reference my fantabulous (and fantabulously talented) niece. Thankfully, she has inherited the footwear-fetish gene that runs rampant in our family and, subsequently, we have had many, many a conversation about shoes. Not long ago, we discussed a certain maven of the Food Network that we truly like but has developed a horrible, sometimes frightening shoe affliction.  Today, whilst surfing the endless nether regions of the internet, I stumbled upon.......this.

Now, I realize it's easy for a girl over 5' 10" to criticize someone for making bad choices in footwear in the name of "comfort" or "ease" but, come on people, this simply has to stop. What is it with the gargantuan clod hopper syndrome that seems to be striking the height-challenged sector of the entertainment biz?

And Prince of all people.  Prince.  The self-appointed Sexy Motherf*cker. Wearing clod hoppers.  Well, it's enough to make a girl want to start a Save the Stiletto campaign.  I'm designing the bumper stickers now....


  1. This look is an affront to the flip flop and should be stopped by any means possible.

  2. Okay. I love a great looking pair of shoes just like the next guy. That is if the next guy is named Isaac. Those *things* she is wearing are absolutely HORRID. Do you think she can walk on water with them?

  3. and by the way, I'm not sure which gender Prince is going with these days, so I generalized and tagged him with the feminine status. Between the toes flongs are not comfortable.

  4. Isn't the visual of Prince, standing in front of the mirror checking his outfit before he goes out and then GOING OUT just frightening?