Saturday, July 12, 2008

Garden Bloom

I have, without question, lived my life in a very full way during these first 40 years. I have lived it selfishly, ambling alone at a sometimes frantic pace, never thinking of my future or where I may end up. For the most part, I have no regrets (okay, well, a few but that's typical, right?). But once this little creature showed up in my life and saved me from myself the way I approached things changed entirely. Whole heartedly. Selflessly.

I may not have a degree or all the trappings of an accomplished life but when I witness this little creature making her way in the world I realize we are in this together.


  1. Well said! Like, perfectly.

    (And I can relate to it so much, in fact, that I when I saw the last line, I immediately started singing High School Musical in my head. If that doesn't drive the point home, nuffin does.)

  2. Dave Grohl knocked you over at an ATM in Seattle? That is SO much cooler than when Courtney Love was screaming "MARK!! MARK!!" outside your window.

  3. Ha ha, KwaiChang! You obviously are someone I know (or have blabbed to before).....reveal yourself! :)

  4. p.s. It's amazing how kids can change your entire outlook on life. Maybe it's not the kids, it may be the responsibility and the sheer AWE that you've created this person.

  5. What good are degrees or trappings when it comes to muddling through the confusion that is raising children? This is where I wish women would realize that we mothers are also all in this together and no one has all the answers.

    P.S. I remember that Courtney Love story so got a giggle there myself. :-)