Wednesday, July 9, 2008


We had a much different 4th of July this year.  Normally we make the trek up to our cozy and fun-filled family cabin up at the lake but this year, due to classes and papers and gas prices, we stayed home.  We figured it would be a slight disappointment but boy HOWDY were we wrong.

Case in point:

Step One:  Have Daddy throw you down the Slip n' Slide

Step Two:  Make sure said Daddy has impeccable bowling skills
(check out that form!)

Step Three:  As with the pool, close eyes and mouth (or not, it's your choice)

Step Four:  Okay, there is no step four but just keep doin' whatcher doin'

Step Five:  Be sure to have your mother bellydown on the ground to get the killer shots of your Slippity Slidedness

Step Six:  Be sure to apply the brakes when you see the end of the Slip n' Slide

Step Seven:  Repeat. A LOT.

We hope your 4th was spectacularly low-key as well.  We highly recommend getting a Slip n' Slide, too.


  1. Oh my gosh, that's PERFECT! What fun! I love Mina's face in the first one... Bahaha!

  2. great pics!!! so mama, did *you* give the slip-n-slide a try???

  3. No but next time I definitely will!