Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Now I know How Joan of Arc Felt

I've been on a bit of a trip down memory lane lately. Facebook has afforded me the surprising opportunity of reconnecting with former classmates of my favoritest school ever. (I wish I could claim it as my alma mater but I was shipped off my senior year so feel that would be dishonest. It'll always feel like my alma mater, though.) So, because I am of the age that I saw Star Wars the first time around, the soundtrack of my teenage years is deeply rooted in the 80's.

On a recent weekly trip to the library, my husband was genius enough to take a gander at the cds. There sat the most beautiful (and somewhat rare) boxed set we could have ever dreamed of stumbling upon. He calmly (so as not to alert anyone, of course, of the major score he just landed) but quickly ran over to check it out.  We smugly grinned like the felines who ate the canary as we walked out of the library. That spurred our newest addiction....adding to the iTunes library for FREE!  Surely, we didn't invent this concept but what a revelation!  The next trip was like a frantic Easter egg hunt....who would find the next gem?  Sadly, we could only check out ten at a time per person but the good news is that we would be visiting the library more.  As we should.

This week's treasure hunt revealed my personal Hope Diamond.  Years ago I unloaded my vinyl collection (I know, I pains me to even speak of it) and one of the most cherished albums in my possession was let go.  Until yesterday.  There it if quietly mocking me.  Here I am!  Your good karma has finally added up enough to allow you to have me again.  (Yes people. It means that much to me)

Lord knows I've searched and searched.  And there it was.  Waiting for me.

So, the iTunes library grows and grows thanks to my wonderful public library here in potato land.  My faith is once again restored in the goodness of the Universe.  And, most importantly, Morrissey blares from my iPod on an almost hourly basis.

(You can purchase this from Amazon but, of course, there's no thrill in that.  Oh, and you can watch performances of the songs from it on YouTube too...which does hold a thrill.  Do I really need to explain this to you?  No.)

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  1. Ooooh how I used to listen and listen to that album on my WALKMAN (ugh I'm aging) under the covers and hate my life. Memories, memories.