Monday, April 28, 2008

Yeah, What She Said.

One of the funnest (yes, that is a my world) aspects of reading the blogs of my newly adopted and admired friends is that I get to learn more about them each time I log in.  I stumbled upon Nik's blog in the strangest of ways (Frances Bean Cobain Google image search....who woulda thunk it?) but am ohsoglad I did.  She really makes me guffaw on an almost daily basis but, more importantly, I feel like I can relate to her.

This blog entry really hit home and saved me from the "what in the heck do I have to say today?" problem I find all too often. And, in typical jump-on-the-bandwagon form, here's my response to her faboo video she shared (just imagine the planning that went into that dance!).

Nik's wedding picture she shared was beyond cool (and she's preggo in that pic? cool, hip AND a mama.....gah!) and it made me quite nostalgic about my own wedding. We ran off to Vegas (truth be told, we planned it all out months in advance) and got hitched at the Flamingo. The longer I'm married to my man, the more I realize just how perfect that wedding was for us. (although, word to the wise, NEVER get married in Vegas at the end of July. Never.) And because I'm feeling all nostalgic and sappy and's a few pics to share:

(Pre-wedding drinks. Can you tell we needed them?)

(Post-wedding bliss....and relief. We did it!)

So to answer the question posed by Miz Nik, we didn't have a wedding dance song but "our" song is Elvis' "So Glad You're Mine"....close enough!


  1. You look so beautiful! I love your dress.

  2. It was a smidge hot, wasn't it? ;-)

  3. Awww, warm fuzzies warm fuzzies!!!!

    You got more than just a wedding, you got a STORY! Thank you for sharing. Love love love it.