Monday, April 7, 2008


The first few exhilarating days of motherhood are mainly comprised of relief (yay! that baby is finally OUT) and terror (I'm somebody's MOM?!). The ping-ponging emotions fueled by hormones and exaggerated from the new wonky "sleep" schedule are enough to make you wonder what you signed up for. But nothing, I repeat, nothing makes you feel more like a parent than when your kid starts playing with the neighbor-kids.

My soon-to-be five year old is a social butterfly just like her mother. She has no fear in showing her unabashed affection for the neighbor-girls who are three years her senior. Once she spots the kids playing outside it's all elbows and a-holes in our household to get the required clothing for playing outside. I could hardly contain my excitement the first time they were all playing together. Channeling June Cleaver, I sent out snacks and juice cups just to make the playing-outside-experience even more fun. Okay, okay. The truth is it was all bribery in the hopes I would be dubbed the Cool Mom. Sure, I pushed dinner back 15 then 20 then 30 minutes just so she wouldn't have that mom nagging to come in already.

Growing up with The Colonel was no cakewalk. There were too many times I care to count when he would come outside, bellowing for me to come in, all the while terrifying my never-would-be friends. Our dinner hour was written in stone and there was no fudging that rule. And don't even think about sleepovers or just wasn't worth the hassle.

As you can imagine, when faced with this next hurdle in my quest to be the perfect parent I, well, overshot the goal. I learned the hard way. I let those little monsters walk all over me and paid dearly for it. But, when the next play time opportunity presented itself, I was ready.

So, while I hone my skills as the Cool Mom who won't take any crap, please to enjoy the mamarazzi pics:

(let the mayhem begin!)

(Note: Ramona in the top left - missing shoe, Jada on the picnic table - missing shoe, Payton in the right corner - losing pants)

(Remind me why we adults don't play like this?)

(I know I should've been refereeing this but come on...)


  1. I think adults really need to learn to play like this more often. I mean, aside from my fear that I'd seriously break my unshielded tailbone (the result of the Doehle No-Butt), I'm so in. Maybe we could propose this to G&G for a fun Thanksgiving activity?

  2. I love that last picture!
    I think all of us moms are doomed to be uncool, no matter how cool. We just look like moms to them.
    Ever hear the song Chinese Cafe by Joni Mitchell? "We look like our mothers did, when we were those kid's age."
    I have no doubt you will be the "good mom" the "nice mom" the "I can really talk to my mom mom" but cool....