Wednesday, March 19, 2008

To Hair is Human

Everywhere I go, there are adorable, up-to-the-minute hairstyles. Mine is not one of them. I rival many a newscaster with my grown out, molded to my head, so-called "bob". I painstakingly wash, dry, straighten and smooth out my hair every morning (all the while telling my girls "just a minute....give mommy just a minute".....baaaaaaaaad mommy) only to throw it in a ponytail.

Yet again.

Right now, I luuuuuuuuuuuurv me some bangs.

Cute short bangs.

Soft, sideswept bangs.

Cool bangs (with glasses, even bettah.)

(Girl Howdy, quite simply, you rock.)

And my personal fave (even if it doesn't work for an old broad like me)....the Bettie bangs.

To bang or not to bang. That is the question.

I need a hair intervention. Care to help a sistah out?


  1. Oh, I am always for change. Even if you regret it later, change is good. Besides, growing your bangs out will just give you another thing to talk to your girlfriends about.

  2. Go For It! Maybe start with the longer-type bangs, and go shorter if you dig 'em... and, of course, keep me posted. :)

  3. Okay, first of all I'm completely positive you aren't giving yourself enough credit-- you are way too hot to look like a newscaster, I don't care WHAT your hair looks like! And secondly, I'm DEFINITELY on the bang bandwagon. I'd start out with some nice sideswept fringe, and then if you're feeling gutsy, I'd go with a nice solid set that go all the way across (a' la Reese Witherspoon or Katie Holmes, perhaps?). You have really strong features, so I think you could carry it off no problem. My vote is in: do it!

  4. You always looked amazing with bangs in the past. Go for it!

    P.S. My last bang mishap is just now done growing out, har! Every 3 - 4 years, though...I've just gotta do it.

  5. I say give it a go and if you're not happy grow it back out again :)

  6. I'm always going to vote for bangs! Always always! I am never content and forever hacking away at my hair over my bathroom sink so I think it's sweet that you liked my bangs haha. I should probably admit I did a little flickr lurking to see what your hair looks like and I think you could totally rock a cute bettie bang! AND may I add that you're freakin' gorgeous? Because you are!