Friday, March 28, 2008

Mean People Suck

I have always rooted for the underdog. I have always scooped up the strays, fed them, cared for them, etc. It's just my nature. More often than not it has led me to great disappointment but, alas, it is my nature.

I have been lucky enough to make some wonderful friends through the ether of this blogosphere I find myself in. I recently went through a rather traumatic experience and, much to my pleasant surprise, these people that I have never met (at least in a non-virtual way) were there for me. In the quietest and most supportive of ways. For once, I felt the reciprocity of kindness and it renewed my faith in the Universe. And in people. (thank you to you wonderful, wonderful people....and you know who you are)

So this leads me to my issue today. Mean. People. Suck. There are far too many selfish, money-grubbing, materialistic, self-righteous, self-serving schmoes out there in the world that just can't STAND for someone to have a little luck. A little success. And they piss me off. Big time. Emily Martin has recently enjoyed some recognition for her incredible talent and success and some people just couldn't let her enjoy it. For one second. What is wrong with people anyway?

I believe in karma and I know these idiots will get what they give but still. It infuriates me. So please, if you have the inclination to say or do something nasty to someone, do us all a favor and think twice. The world is a hard enough place to deal with as it is.


  1. I just got caught up on all of this nonsense. I agree with you and good for Emily for taking some action and speaking out.

  2. I keep a close eye on what Emily does, as I think she is WONDERFUL! I get heartsick when people respond in such a negative way to someone's talent and good fortune and just anyone willing to ruin someone's moment in general. I stand in awe of so many people (most of whom I've found through years of blogging before here on good ole LJ) and the things they can create with their own two hands. Crafting and the like is a pretty big part of my own life and I just can't see not supporting someone when they are noticed for their CLEARLY! beautiful work.
    UGH. Mean people do indeed SUCK!