Friday, March 14, 2008

If it had been a snake....

As usual, I read one of my favorite blogs this morning and Amanda inspired me as she always seems to do.

"And with new eyes - as they give me so many times - I looked around and saw things just a little bit differently."

This line really spoke to me as I constantly see my surroundings and the world in a whole new light, courtesy of my little kiddos. Yesterday we registered our first baby for Kindergarten. KINDERGARTEN. How did this happen? It was the first time in my life that I was excited about school. Too bad the soon-to-be kindergartner didn't feel the same way. She's been adamant about the fact that she does not want to go to school but once she scored the free t-shirt she was on board in the biggest of ways.

Here's another way my children have inspired me. I think one of the biggest gifts I've gotten from having them in my life is learning how to let go and be silly. They, and their father, have really opened my eyes to the fact that being goofy and having a daily guffaw is fun. And, more importantly, necessary.

Here's a daily guffaw for you:

(This show airs daily on the Cartoon Network and I highly recommend TiVo'ing it for endless guffaw options)

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