Friday, March 7, 2008

I Am Hormone, Hear Me Roar

Ladies, sometimes our hormones are a good thing. Yes, you heard me correctly.....a good thing. I managed to clean our home from top to bottom (not the quickie-clean-up-for-guests-showing-up-in-five-minutes but the serious, deep clean, here-comes-spring type of cleaning) and somehow enjoyed it while I was doing it.

I know, I know....hormones makes us crazy.

But here's the thing....I have this one playlist on my trusty iPod that really helps me put a wiggle in it and here is the lovely lady at the top of the list.

Take it away, Nikka.

(If you don't have Nikka on your iPod, I urge you to get thee to iTunes and download. Posthaste.)


  1. OMG, totally reminiscent of some good Dutchie disco. Downloading now. Maybe I can get my own house cleaned up.

  2. I'm tellin ya, if I could give this playlist to every woman in America there would be sparkling homes from coast to coast. Ha!

  3. Wow! She has got MOVES for MILES!

  4. Can you bottle up some of your Cleaning Is Fun hormones and send them my way? I think you're on to something with the Nikka, but seriously, she'd have to be performing Live In My Living Room for it to do any good. :)

    PS I blogged today! Just a wee bit, but enough to kill off any withdrawals!

  5. Joss Stone meets...well, meets a stripper I guess!!! Groovalicios...

    Gimme More..what else are you into musically....????

  6. Well, gee, Anonymous....if you were brave enough to use your real identity I might feel more inclined to share.