Saturday, March 8, 2008

For The Birds

Recently, we've started thrifting again.  It started with a mission to find good backyard toys (without having to pay the ridiculous prices for brand new toys that will be left out in the rain and hot sun anyway) and kids books (I've found some real gems so far).  

I've been meaning to share this little guy for awhile now.  I guess I should say "gal" as she has been affectionately named Fifi (she has an "F" on the underside of her feet).  She was grabbed on the way to the register (daddy was wrangling two tired kiddos and I was paying as quickly as possible so as to rush home for naps) so it wasn't until we got her home that we realized what a treasure she is.  She is made of iron not wood as originally thought and she's just, well, cute.

Now don't misunderstand....I have a serious issue with real birds.  I think it started when I was twelve with the parakeets I "inherited" from the kids of the guy my dad took command from in Germany that really sealed my dislike of birds.  Not only did they smell and were just, well, gross but they would NOT shut up.  

I hated those birds. (who were named, ironically enough, Peaches and Herb.  I hate you Peaches and Herb. Still.)  I found it comforting to find out recently that I am not alone in this contempt and sometimes fear of birds.  

But I still love my faux birds who are nice and quiet and don't stink up the joint.

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  1. Ahhhh, I love birds. I have two, Mr. Darcy and Lizzy, but they are finches that don't talk much. I don't like the real big mouth ones either.
    You pictures from Flickr are great!