Friday, February 15, 2008

List of Happy-ness

The blog I read first, ever single day, is Amanda's. She truly inspires me. Not only is she a creative wonder but I marvel at how much she appreciates and loves her family. She reminds me every day to focus on what I love about my own family and the life we share. Thank you Amanda!

Here's my February Ten:

I think if I could listen to this 24/7 without having to listen to anything or anyone else I could and would do it. It's been such a long time since I've heard an album that flows so beautifully.

These are not fancy or expensive (I refuse to believe that style equals a hefty price tag) but I get compliments on them every time I wear them.

Several of my friends are having or have just had babies. I love that I finally have people dear to me that I can "bond" with on parenting and kids. Plus, I just love me some babies.

One word: Easter.

5. The Burpee catalog. We have a large garden area as well as a big portion of our back yard that will be turned into a cutting garden that I simply can not wait to plan, grow and enjoy with my family. The girls have picked out their flowers, the husband and I have picked out the vegetable and herb plants we plan to grow and we can't wait to get started!

Not only have we made the switch to being an "organic" family but we are trying new foods as well. Not new to our palate, per se, but new in the sense of preparation. The biggest revelation is that it takes just as much time to make healthy, whole and organic food as it does to heat up some pre-packaged, pre-made crap. Refreshing.

This is and always will be my favorite place to live. People have a lot of ideas about Boise and what it's like but you just don't understand until you visit this wonderful place. We are growing in so many ways (Anthropologie and Sephora just opened...weeeeee!) but still have a nice, family-friendly, culturally diverse and interesting place to live.

When you become a mom, I really and truly believe this should be given to you. It has changed my life. I may not have time to really do myself up before I walk out the door but this definitely makes all the difference!

Waking up to sunshine and not total darkness. (makes the whole getting-up-and-walking thing a lot more manageable)

The very thought that our summer days on the lake are just a few short months gets me through the last dregs of Winter.

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