Saturday, January 26, 2008

Not much, really...

So I've had this wonderful day. I totally expected it to be lame and tiring and a lot of work but it was, well, nice. Saturdays the husband works his third day of 13 hours at the job (four days off is nice but the three days on are pure hell) so not only do I have two small kids that are sick of their mom and want "Daaaaaaaddy!" at every turn but mommy wants "Daaaaaaaaaddy" as well because she needs a cotton-pickin' break.

Much to my surprise the girls have been playing together well, the day has flown by and I managed to get the groceries we needed. Then, on top of that, I've heard from FIVE (count 'em five!) friends of mine that I haven't heard from in months. It's easy to get stuck in your rut of being The Mom and not reconnecting with your friends (which is really heartbreaking for a former Cruise Director such as myself) so it was really, really nice to have them all pop up in their own individual ways and, quite simply, make my day.

Here's hoping your day is a pleasant surprise as well....happy Saturday!

(I'm including some pics of the long, lost friends that I'm so glad to have found least the ones I have pics of)

(Esteban de Ville...or, Steve, as I fondly refer to him)

(Lori Ramon rocking the mic. Hard.)

(Lael, the Unforgettable Aussie)

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  1. I love that you said cotton-pickin'.
    I've never heard anybody say that but my momma. :-)