Thursday, December 13, 2007

Home Sweet Home

I'm a gypsy at heart. I grew up moving every year of my life. Now, before you start feeling sorry for me you must know that I loved it. Imagine being able to reinvent yourself on a yearly basis. Especially in your teens? Yes, please! People always comment on how hard that must've been growing up. At times it was's tiring moving on a regular basis. But, all in all, I loved it. It was exciting and a major learning experience.

Now, of course, the downside to this is that when you are a gypsy you have no concept of how things work when you are stationary. I can't grasp the concept of growing up with the same people. I have no idea what it's like to grow up in one house in the same room all of your life. Luckily, I'm getting to live vicariously through my kids.

We've been living a little bit like gypsies ever since we came to our senses and moved back home from Seattle. But we've found our dream house and the girls are definitely settling in. One day, I spotted a little girl playing in the yard of a house behind ours. I was SO excited! I quickly told Mina about this and she RAN outside to befriend her new neighbor. They played and talked and jabbered.....all from their respective sides of the fence.

I. Loved. It. I was just as excited at the prospect of finding a new friend as my daughter was. They spotted me watching them from inside the house....I quickly ducked in behind the curtains so they couldn't see me (ha!).

Now when we spot Lily (Mina has declared her "my very bestest friend in the whole world") Mina BOLTS out the door and plays until the very last possible moment before it gets too dark. Her hands are always ice cold, her cheeks rosy from the cold air but she's invigorated and excited. She is happy. I am home.

(a picture taken while I hid behind the curtains....friends across a fence)