Saturday, November 17, 2007

Cooking shows, coughing fits and giggles...

I have two sick children. They've been sick for a week now and I'm just resigned to the idea that they might be sick with this hacking cough cold thing forever. I had all kinds of things to do this weekend but have ended up watching "Ratatouille" a hundred times (the good thing is that I love this movie), catching up on my Tivo'd shows (Oprah, cooking shows, Tim Gunn, Project Runway, many and, obviously, so little time), designing our holiday cards....blahblahblah. Sometimes it's just good to, well, not do anything at all.

On a sad note, I read that Martha's mother passed away yesterday. Think what you want of her but I truly feel for her....especially this close to the holidays. Here's to you Big (and little) rock.

On a happy note, I simply must share this little video as it cracks me up. Enjoy!

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