Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sunday Kind of Love

After being woken up by our little angels at 6:30 this morning (there is no "weekend" schedule for them!) and having a much needed cup of coffee to get ourselves going I came up with the brilliant idea of getting out of the house. Forget the six loads of laundry waiting to be done in the laundry room! Forget the endless household chores staring us in the face (they'll be there tomorrow, right?)! Let's just GO!

We got the girls dressed, loaded them in the car, I packed the remaining coffee in a thermos, packed a few snacks for the kiddos, grabbed my camera and a sweater (Fall is teasing me in the morning with it's brisk bite) and we hit the road! We ended up at the rose gardens at one of the oldest parks in Boise and the fun began.

We looked at all of the roses and walked around the gardens.... the girls weaving in and out of the bushes and running down the paths, their father chasing after them....and I walked around snapping pictures and marveling at how beautiful it all was. And to think we were just going to stay home, maybe watch Thumbelina for the 800th time and do laundry all day.....puh-SHAH!

The girls discovered the bandshell (dedicated to the amazing Gene Harris, a Boise native) and gave us the performance of a lifetime.

After that, we found the perfect picnic table by, what I found to be, the perfect path in the park.

The girls had their snacks, we had our coffee and I managed to capture my sweetie in a non-goofy pose.

The laundry and chores were still waiting when we returned but we saw many interesting people and discovered new things (acorns! the girls have discovered acorns) the most important one being that nothing is more important than our little family.

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