Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I. DUH. Ho.


I just watched Senator Larry Craig's press conference regarding his arrest in June for lewd conduct in a MN airport. To say I'm appalled is a gross understatement. Not only is it appalling that he CHOOSES to be such a brazen liar but it is appalling and embarrassing that this is the face of Idaho to the general public. We have winners like Sen. Craig and the neo-Nazis to thank for our shining stereotypes of Idaho.

Just for the record, Idahoans are not the crazed, militia-inspired, narrow-minded idiots that we are portrayed to be in the media. We actually are quite civilized here. I mean, we're getting a Whole Foods....hello?!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sunday Kind of Love

After being woken up by our little angels at 6:30 this morning (there is no "weekend" schedule for them!) and having a much needed cup of coffee to get ourselves going I came up with the brilliant idea of getting out of the house. Forget the six loads of laundry waiting to be done in the laundry room! Forget the endless household chores staring us in the face (they'll be there tomorrow, right?)! Let's just GO!

We got the girls dressed, loaded them in the car, I packed the remaining coffee in a thermos, packed a few snacks for the kiddos, grabbed my camera and a sweater (Fall is teasing me in the morning with it's brisk bite) and we hit the road! We ended up at the rose gardens at one of the oldest parks in Boise and the fun began.

We looked at all of the roses and walked around the gardens.... the girls weaving in and out of the bushes and running down the paths, their father chasing after them....and I walked around snapping pictures and marveling at how beautiful it all was. And to think we were just going to stay home, maybe watch Thumbelina for the 800th time and do laundry all day.....puh-SHAH!

The girls discovered the bandshell (dedicated to the amazing Gene Harris, a Boise native) and gave us the performance of a lifetime.

After that, we found the perfect picnic table by, what I found to be, the perfect path in the park.

The girls had their snacks, we had our coffee and I managed to capture my sweetie in a non-goofy pose.

The laundry and chores were still waiting when we returned but we saw many interesting people and discovered new things (acorns! the girls have discovered acorns) the most important one being that nothing is more important than our little family.

Friday, August 24, 2007

On a happier note....

It's Friday! I hope, if there's anyone reading this, that you enjoy a wonderful weekend.

My baby is growing up....too fast. We weeded out all of her 18-24 month sized clothing as she is a full-on 2T (she'll be 22 months on Sept. 10th).

I'm sad but love watching her grow.

Thursday, August 23, 2007


Function: noun
Etymology: French, literally, poser, from poser
: a person who pretends to be what he or she is not : an affected or insincere person

My life is going through it's own little definition, of late. I am slowly coming to terms with the fact that I have a lot of squatters in my life. People who say they are friends or that they care but, in fact, only care when it serves THEM.

This used to make me very resentful. Now it just makes me sad, to a certain degree. It's really not their fault that they take advantage. I mean, I LET them. What bothers me the most is that they seem to be the majority in the world. That is truly sad.

I've been cleaning out closets, sorting drawers, donating items and throwing away trash. I'm realizing my personal life needs the same overhaul.

Good riddance to all the clutter (people and things) in my life. Here's to a fresh start without all the riff raff.

Monday, August 20, 2007

And life rolls on....

I find myself growing excited about Fall's arrival (that's really saying something coming from a girl who LOVES summer).... cool weather sweaters, that chill in the air, new kids' shows that we've been waiting to see, the structure of our "normal" schedules....as much as I love summer I'm ready for life to resume from the respite of "summer vacation".

And another thing I'm excited about.... new earrings from my friend Ann's gorgeous collection of confections!

Nothing cheers a girl up like a new accessory...or, in my case, three! :)

Friday, August 17, 2007

Things I love: Funny Cats

If this doesn't make you laugh so hard that your insides hurt then I really feel for you and hope you can seek some help. To say this made my day is a gross understatement. Enjoy and Happy Friday!

Thursday, August 16, 2007


I've been tagged and don't want to risk any bad voodoo so I better do it! I do not know 5 bloggers to share this with (and Ann has already done it) so will just share my weirdness and be done with it.

Here we go:

1. While I love pedicures, I absolutely abhor anyone looking at or, God forbid, TOUCHING my feet so I must do them myself.

2. I hate touching raw meat (har har...insert junior high humor here).

3. I read gossip at People.com even though I KNOW it's bad and contributes to the breakdown of our culture.

4. I love listening to Top 40 music in the car (although Sirius is looking more and more appealing).

5. I have an uncanny ability to remember numbers....just ask me what our phone number was in the Netherlands.

6. I love practically all foods but absolutely HATE wax beans. Don't ask me....it's a texture thing.

Saturday, August 4, 2007


When I reach the point in the year for my birthday I'm just basically OVER birthdays. I have been getting a lot of thoughtful calls, emails, messages and cards though and that has really made my day. :)

Here is my lovely Secondhand Ramona (she gets mostly hand-me-downs but, I think, she wears them so well!)....as usual, my girls make my day. (And so do Nana & Papa as they have taken them for the day and night - so brave! - so we can attend a wedding and have an "adult" evening)

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Four Years

How is it possible that four years ago I was this person?

She is the most amazing gift.

And she only gets cuter.

And shows me such freedom and wild abandon when it comes to opening my heart.

Today is her fourth birthday which, of course, requires CUPCAKES!

Ariel and Tink for the girls....

Spidey and Superman for the boys...

Happy birthday, my sweet little Wilhelmina.