Friday, June 29, 2007

Choco Sprinkles

I left a comment for my friend Ann on her blog yesterday....there was a comment I read today from Mendy saying that she wanted to know the choco sprinkles deal. It's nothing secret or major just a childhood memory triggered as I grabbed a handful of chocolate chips out of the freezer (bad girl). I find it curious that these snacks haven't hit it big in the States (along with kaas souffles, patat met mayo and all the other insane delicacies of Nederland). Perhaps it's the sheer simplicity of it all.... unsalted butter, fresh bread, chocolate sprinkles.... or is it the people you share it with?

I've really felt the weight of responsibility lately where my girls are concerned. How will they remember me? Will they remember all the snuggling and tender moments we share or will they only remember the times I lose my cool and bellow at them "ENOUGH!". I worry. (As Ann so perfectly puts it, I worry about worry.)

I read Marisa's blog yesterday and was really touched by her podcast "Secrets of Dealing with Adversity". It seemed to come at a particularly appropriate time in my world (which her blogs and podcasts always seem to do.... proof that we are all connected in some way, if you ask me) and made me realize that I could learn a lot from my girls if I'd just pay attention more closely. So, I made a pact with myself today after dropping the girls off.... I will not make everything in my life a task or a chore. I am going to enjoy and let go. I'm going to look at turquoise more (a superb excuse to buy jewelry!) and look at the clock less. I'll think of it as my own little independence day.


  1. Fortunately, you and I already know how we've dealt w/ every bit of adversity we've encountered since age 16 (!!) so we don't need to rehash it here. :-)

    Sprinkles...I wish I could remember what we called them in Dutch! Yeah, it was Nutella on fresh, untoasted bread, but the sprinkles were on toast. And then there was the broodje half om.... Man, I'm getting hungry. And the room service here is only so-so. :-(

  2. Nanette! Thanks so much for your support of my art and my blog ~ It is a true to pleasure to have you as a new "internet" friend. I'm honored that you visit my blog every morning :)