Thursday, June 21, 2007


Hello. My name is Nannette, and I'm an Etsy Addict.

I read the blogs of my two favorite artists every morning (with my beloved coffee). Not only is it exciting to see what treasure they have created but it's interesting to read what is going on in their lives. Imagine my delight when I logged on this week and saw a greeting directed right at me from lovely Marisa. For a moment I felt like I'd been caught sneaking a peek....but then realized....that's the whole idea! Imagine that.

I also check in with my best friend, Ann. She creates the most amazing jewelry.... I'm addicted to say the least.

I "discovered" some artists today while spending way too much time poking around on Etsy (I keep hoping it will stir those creative juices I so desperately hope that I have) and had to share just in case anyone is tuning in....

I am always looking for giraffe and owl items.... Sugarloop stuff popped up in a few of those searches and I was instantly a fan! Another new addition to my growing list of faves is Orange Willow....unbelievable stuff!

One other not-so-new favorite of mine is my daughter, Mina. She LOVES to draw and color and paint and, even though I'm extremely biased, I think she has a real talent (which I'm afraid she gets from her father). She made this particular drawing specifically for Dada.....if you look closely you can find her little body and face and we're assuming that daddy is the tall, gangly creature standing next to her. :)

I'm sure I'll find more unbelievable artists on Etsy and I'm sure I'll go broke buying all the stuff I just can't live without. But, more than anything, I know it's all worth it because I'm inspired on a daily basis by all of these incredible people!

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  1. Okay, that's adorable! And my pediatrician told me at Ellie's 4 year check up that the more body & face parts they put on people they draw, the more advanced they are. She's doing pretty good giving Daddy & herself eyes and arms [or is that a body? so hard to tell! ;-)]!